Panageries: Greenville South Carolina Interior Designer

Panageries considers every aspect of your design—from the layout to the color scheme and everything down to the last pillow. With a high level of creativity and attention to detail, we fashion a home interior that blends perfectly with your lifestyle. Let Panageries turn your home into a curated collection of textures, layers, and finishes designed to fascinate and inspire.

Vibrant Classic Bungalow

Timeless Lakefront Refuge

Vibrant Classic Bungalow

Traditional Mountain Roost

Inviting Family Homestead

Tudor Revival Estate

Italian Country Villa

Glam Charleston Single

Gabriel Builders

Pacific NW Modern Dwelling

New Traditionalist Cottage

Transitional Suburban Haven

Traditional Georgian Manse

Eclectic Lakeside Sanctuary

Imagine your home as a menagerie of inspiration and enchantment. Every detail is intentionally selected to reflect your distinctive experiences and lifestyle, resulting in a thoughtfully curated collection brimming with visual interest and inspiration at every turn.


noun, plural.


Curated collections of things with sophisticated style.


A tailored blend of styles and visual details crafted in such a way that is refined, distinctive, and inspired.