Studio | Panageries: Greenville South Carolina Interior Designers

With careful consideration for every detail, Panageries' Cynthia Masters & her team specialize in creating interior spaces designed to enchant and inspire.

Panageries curates distinctive collections of texture, color, and design details for your interior. Every selection is made to reflect your own style and experiences, resulting in a personalized menagerie of inspiration. Open the gates to an extraordinary interior design with Panageries. 

Cynthia Masters

Founder & Creative Director

A South Carolina native, Cynthia personifies Southern charm, but her worldview of interior design enables her to infuse a variety of global influences and time periods into her work. 

She creates new yet timeless styles – drawing from historical color themes as well as modern and classic sensibilities, though her clients' personal preferences motivate her most. Her approachability, attention to detail, and clear communication keep clients coming back, often designing and redesigning spaces to coincide with their lifestyle changes. Cynthia directs her dedicated staff, gifted artisans, and skilled craftsmen to assist in bringing her designs to life.

Curated collections of things with sophisticated style.

noun, plural.


A tailored blend of styles and visual details crafted in such a way that is refined, distinctive, and inspired.