Interior Design Services

Residential and commercial

Transform your space into a curated collection of customized textures, colors, and details that speak to your distinctive lifestyle or brand. Panageries specializes in interior design services that enhance your space with creative ideas from blueprint to finish. When every layer of your interior is thoughtfully selected, entering your home or business feels like opening the gates of a menagerie: visual interest, fascination, and delight at every turn. 

Our Process

Inquire with us

Our design process begins with your inquiry: we're delighted to receive your initial telephone call and learn more about your project. This call helps us define the foundation of your design and the scope of the project. During the call, we will discuss timeframe, budget, and fees, along with the next steps to formalize our partnership and begin working together.

Discovery Meeting

The next step is a Discovery Meeting in our studio, where we discuss your design aspirations. Clients often bring inspiration images from Pinterest or magazines, along with any blueprints, plans, or photographs that will help us understand your project. We welcome a collaborative process; allow us to blend your inspirations with our talent to create a design customized to suit your lifestyle or business.


Inspired by your ideas, we create designs for every aspect of your home or business. We provide thoughtfully tailored selections for everything from exterior components to interior furnishings—with careful consideration for every texture and finish. The result will be an enchanting transformation: a sophisticated collection of design elements, distinctively curated specifically for your project.

Throughout the design process, we offer personalized service and the utmost professionalism at every turn. Whether working in residential homes or commercial facilities, we revel in designing distinctive spaces with custom details. Let Panageries curate an interior that reflects your lifestyle or brand: inquire with us to start your project.

Frequent Questions

Can I work with you outside of South Carolina?

Absolutely! While we are located in Greenville, South Carolina, we work with clients nationwide.

Do you offer interior design consultations?

If you're interested in working with Panageries, we begin the design process with a complimentary telephone consultation. If you would like to meet in person after we speak, we are more than happy to schedule a meeting at our studio.

Do you have a specific design style?

We allow your space and your design preferences to drive the project. We take your location, architecture, lifestyle, and needs into consideration when designing your space.

What is expected of me during the design process?

Every client and every project is different. You are welcome to be as involved as you would like in the overall design process.

What should I bring to our initial meeting?

We ask our clients to bring inspiration images of anything they like or would like to see in their space to our Discovery Meeting. These can be pulled from Pinterest, Houzz, magazines, etc. We'll use these inspirations to help craft our custom design.

How do I begin a project with Panageries?

We begin the design process with an introductory telephone conversation to get to know each other and understand your project, your timeframe, and your budget.


noun, plural.


Curated collections of things with sophisticated style.


A tailored blend of styles and visual details crafted in such a way that is refined, distinctive, and inspired.

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