Glam Charleston Single | Greenville Interior Designers: Panageries

Glam Charleston Single

Greenville, South Carolina

Designed as a luxury oasis, this primary bath embodies an airy ambiance with pristine surfaces and fixtures. A large window floods the room with natural light, creating an ethereal glow. A dainty chandelier adds elegance, while a vessel tub brings a glamorous element and contributes to the spa-like atmosphere. Myriad shades of whites and greys come together to complement the soft, blue-grey tones of the cabinetry and countertops. The clean feel of the marble tile sets the mood for relaxation, while elegant brass accents warm the palette. All these elements come together to reflect grace, glamour and refinement designed with luxury in mind.

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noun, plural.


Curated collections of things with sophisticated style.


A tailored blend of styles and visual details crafted in such a way that is refined, distinctive, and inspired.