Transitional Suburban Haven | Greenville SC Interior Design by Panageries

Transitional Suburban Haven

Spartanburg, South Carolina

Rich finishes and warm colors beckon in this blend of traditional and mid-century modern styles. Shades of copper, gold, and brown complement the warmly stained hardwood floors, while velvets, leathers, and chenilles add luxe textural detail. Vintage finds and thoughtfully selected objets d'art are peppered throughout the spaces bringing layered interest to this home’s alluring design.

Imagine your home as a menagerie of inspiration and enchantment. Every detail is intentionally selected to reflect your distinctive experiences and lifestyle, resulting in a thoughtfully curated collection brimming with visual interest and inspiration at every turn.


noun, plural.


Curated collections of things with sophisticated style.


A tailored blend of styles and visual details crafted in such a way that is refined, distinctive, and inspired.